Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Poverty, Chastity and Obediance are like my three least favorite things

That said, what the Rev. Sue Spencer is doing seems really cool.

I don't know why the monastic, contemplative life has a sort of pull for me. I'm really, really obviously unsuited for it. I don't remotely have the attention span, for one thing. The article suggests that Spencer will literally be doing more prayer before breakfast than I do in a month.

But I'm still intrigued, fascinated even. I find myself wishing she would write a book about her life.

I guess there's something amazing in loving something so much and feeling so connected to it that you're willing to give up everything else in the world for it.



Anonymous said...

Too bad we never got the Chalistry started -- she might have found a place there.

fausto said...

If your spiritual destiny is to join an Episcopal convent, there is no better preparation in UU-dom for that particular discipline than the First Parish in Weston.