Sunday, July 16, 2006

The baby shower went fine BTW

Though I didn't get a picture of the centerpeice, I can assure you that cutting off the top left quarter of a watermelon, scooping it out and leaning two slices of orange against the sides makes for a badass baby carriage that you can fill with fruit and cheese. Twas a hit.

I also made heavy appetizers. Of what I made, the lettuce wraps turned out best. Some cooked chicken, a few sliced green onions and some water chestnuts mixed with thai peanut sauce. Put inside a little "bowl" of lettuce and sprinkle crushed peanuts on top. Good stuff.

But the easiest, most sophisticated-looking appetizer ever is cooked tortellini, cherry tomatoes and mushrooms marinated in Italian dressing and skewered.

Now TheCSO and I are going to the movies.



Anonymous said...

So, what silly shower games did you play, if any?

Anonymous said...

Great appetizers!

Lettuce is so healthy that I wrote about it in my blog.

Your decision to have lettuce is also so great that I linked you up there.