Sunday, September 18, 2005

"Squee!" doesn't even begin to cover it

I ran into my wedding photographer sort of out of the blue today.

There was much fawning and gushing as she told me that she pulls out my pictures to show potential brides how beautiful a candlelight wedding can look and that mine was one of her favorite weddings of last year.

She also said that the note the best man had written that I passed on to her was still up in her studio.

Lots of wedding photographers have fawning notes from happy brides.

Elaine may be the only one on the planet to have a not from a best man reading:

"You're so pretty,
Ian's so pretty,
I feel pretty!
Your photographer kicks ass!"

And she does.


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Psyton said...

Well, she does!

Everyone in that online album was pretty, and no-one was being forced to act that way... your photographer just managed to catch that many great moments and had incredible skill to keep those moments free of distractions or blemishes.

I would say that those were some of the best pictures I have seen in my life in terms of catching the emotion of the moment, and frankly I was thrilled to be in some of those pictures.