Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Monkey Mind, bitching about Paul Krugman, etc.

Can't sleep.

I'm having a wandering around, talking on the phone, trying not to eat sort of night.

The DirectTv signal is being funky so the Tivo missed "House." Damn. I was just talking about Dr. House's hotness with my co-workers today. None of them get my attraction to smart and troubled guys. Mmmm... Love troubled.

So I've got a vintage CSI on in the background as I type and pace around.

Most of the blogosphere is still buzzing about Hurricaine Katrina, blaming various people and institutions. To our credit, I have yet to see anybody present an idea as dumb as Paul Krugman's contention that the root of the issue is George W. Bush believing that big government is evil. (You're not selling me on the idea that the man who thinks that a federal standardized test is the solution to public education's problems doesn't believe in big government. Bush LOVES big government. How not paying attention do you have to be to confuse the NeoCons with the libertarian wing of the Republican party? The libertarians I can stand.)

My favorite comment was Perigrinato's, a simple posted prayer.

I really have been trying to follow Pam's suggestion and not read about it. And it's working. I'm not as depressed. I'm getting over it. Should I be getting over feeling bad about thousands of people, most of whom are still suffering and will be suffering for a long time? Conversely, just because I lived there for awhile, what right have I to make their drama my own. I feel for them, but I don't want to be like those people who got all freaky over the death of Princess Di.


Sucks that Gilligan died.



fausto said...

Well, sometimes Krugman doesn't express himself very well. What he probably meant to say is that George W. Bush believes big government is evil, except when it isn't.

fausto said...

On further reflection, I disagree with you and agree with Krugman. Bush believes in the coercive power of government, but not in "big government" in the sense of government as an actor in its own right. To Bush, the proper role of government is to order everyone else around (hence national school testing standards and Rummy's rapid strike force), but not to assume any responsibility of its own (hence the exculpation of FEMA and blaming of local authorities, and the failure to plan for keeping civil order after the fall of Saddam).

Kim said...

CC-- you being depressed about it doesn't help the Katrina victims in any way. don't feel guilty for not beating yourself up over it. Help where you can and protect yourself.
--Mother Abbess Kim