Wednesday, September 28, 2005

14 hour day yesterday

And today is not looking much better.

Weird story.

I show up at my event yesterday and my brother Oliver walks by with a vacuum cleaner. It turns out he's working as a temp and by some awful coincidence had been hired as a temp by the club where I was throwing my fundraising party.

Oliver seemed to think it was hilarious.

"Which room are you in? I'll do a crappy job on that one."

My big worry was that he would be serving food in my room, and I had an unpleasant few minutes where I pondered whether to ask to have him switched for somebody else, and if there was a way I could do that without making him look bad.

But it turned out he was just toting stuff around.

Still, that wasn't good because I wanted a little easel for a sign I had with the candidate's name on it. I had to ask three different people to bring me one and when it came, Oliver carried it out and said "Here's the easel you've been bothering people about."

He disappeared.

Later, the catering manager came up to apologize.

Oh, crap.

"He probably woulnd't say that to anyone who wasn't me. He's my kid brother."

"You're still a client," the catering manager said. He gave me a long look.

"I had a rough childhood," I said lamely. The catering manager laughed.

"There's one in my family, too." He said, and whisked away.

The ChaliceRelative did not blame me, but did make sure I knew how awful it was that Oliver had been fired by the temp agency and well as the club.

My mother wants to know how I could have gotten my brother canned. Her big idea is that he should look for a new job on Thursday as his trial is today. Dare to dream, Mom.

The congressman's wife said kind things about the staff. I'm going to pass on her kind words to the catering manager in an email this morning and tell him no hard feelings.

I'll post the verdict as soon as I know it, but I'm not going as I have to work.


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Kim said...

You did not make him lose a job. He did that himself. You tried to explain that he only said that because you're his sister. The company apparently didn't buy it -- or, more likely, didn't think it was a good excuse. Obviously you are not the only one who heard the remark -- it could have been anyone. that's what they were thinking, probably.