Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Hmm... Why does this sound like a problem waiting to happen?

UUs insistent on doing their own thing should probably conform a bit at next year's GA, seeing is how the city of St. Louis is cracking down on jaywalking.

In a fabulous coffee hour dicussion on the race issues at GA (that I'm not contributing to because Fausto seems to be making my points more articulately than I could there. Besides I've kind of said my peice ad nauseum.) Joel says he's never seen the sentence "The Republican party is a party of high ideals and intentions; a racist cannot be a true Republican" in a UU context. Well, now he has.

Yeah, there are a lot of sentences I've never seen in a UU context that I'd like to see. But I'm the one who wants to put "Births, deaths and marriages: It's just that simple" on a shirt and wear it during Joys and Concerns, so it's possible I'm a bit of a crank.

The conversation below kicks so much ass that I'm going to keep bumping the time up so it remains the second post on the blog. We haven't had so much fun here at the Chaliceblog since I insulted "Imagine." (Sidenote: In the "Imagine" discussion somebody mentions that each generation has its own anthems. My generation is so musically balkanized that I have trouble picking one out for us. But I know what the rebellion song that did it for me was. 2 Live Crew's Banned in the USA came out when I was 12 years old. It was the first rap record I ever heard that sampled extensively from news coverage and it has a message that still stirs my civil libertarian heart today. And my parents? Hated it. When it comes on the radio today, I still get misty-eyed and turn the music up. I now listen to Bach and I still think "banned" is a hell of a good song.)

up .2 pounds this week, but deserves more. That retreat food is a killer.


TheCSO said...

Well, I'm the one who thinks Joys and Concerns needs a gong, like that old game show..

PS. I still don't like Imagine.

Obijuan said...

Do I smell the Chalice Blog's first Cafe Press t-shirt? I'm betting they'd sell like gangbusters.