Thursday, September 22, 2005

Conversations with lobbyists

I just had the following conversation, which I am repeating word for word except for the redacted stuff.

CC: Hi, (lobbyist’s name,) it’s (CC) from (CC’s firm). I was calling to see if you were coming to our breakfast for (Congressman A) on the 27th.

Lobbyist: We don’t have any money for him, but we might do your reception for (Congressman B) later on in the week.

CC: I’m afraid (Congressman B) isn’t one of our clients.

Lobbyist: But, (CC), aren’t you with (CC’s firm’s big competitor)?

CC: Nope, I’m with (CC’s firm)

Lobbyist: Oh, yeah, sorry. I wasn’t thinking. Anyway, we can’t come to the baseball game.

CC: How about the breakfast?

Lobbyist: Sorry, we don’t have any money for him this cycle.

And we rang off.

I swear, talking to me must be like that sometimes.


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TheCSO said...

Sometimes it is. Not often, though.