Monday, September 05, 2005

Day of Goofing Off

The CSO is still at Dragon Con with his best friend Peter. I'm starting to think I should have gone, but frankly, if I wanted to hit on Neil Gaiman (and seriously, who doesn't?) then I can catch him at the National Book Festival the weekend of the 24th. (Hmm... Maybe I'll hit some used bookstores for NG first editions and get him to sign some. That could make Edie a happy lady. But it would involved actually going to an event down on the mall. I rarely go to things that don't offer free smoked salmon.)

So today I'm shopping or going to an art gallery. The Hirchhorn has a show called "Visual Music" that I should probably see, though the National Gallery is doing Winslow Homer and he doesn't do much for me. Conversely, I could add to my ever-expanding collection of sweater sets.

hmm... Maybe I'll head for the gallery, but try to do both.

Available on email if you want to say "hi." (Yes, being in this house alone from Friday through this Wednesday has gotten to me. For no rational reason since I've been on the phone half the time.)

ps. Down 3.4 pounds this week and got into my wedding jeans with some writhing on the bed.


jfield said...

Why were you on the phone so much?


Chalicechick said...

CC loves to talk on the phone.

When TheCSO got her unlimited long distance, it was pretty much like saying "Yeah, Charlie Sheen, I'm going out of town for the weekend. Could you watch my cocaine stash for me? Oh, and my gorgeous 22-year-old trophy wife is looking kind of low. Why don't you take her out for dinner and a movie..."