Tuesday, September 20, 2005

DHL is a terrible, terrible company.

Do not use them ever.

FedEx is the epitome of anti-union corporate evil, but they get the dang job done.

Eight packages went out yesterday overnight to addresses less than 50 miles from here. Five of them arrived less than an hour late and without hassle.

Of the remaining three:
  • One almost didn't arrive because it was sent to a floor with offices but no obvious receptionist and for delivery guy to knock on a door would have meant lifting a finger. But I called about that one and he went back.
  • One arrived three hours late.
  • One of them still hasn't arrived.* Said packages contain tickets to a baseball game that starts in less than four hours.

And now DHL customer service says their tracking system is down.

I've had it.

Tell all your friends.


*I got a call from DHL saying that late/hassle package numero tres had arrived a slim two and a half hours before the first pitch.


Cranky Cindy said...

But CC, how do you really feel???


Psyton said...

"FedEx is the epitome of anti-union corporate evil, _hence_ they get the dang job done."



MysticHeart said...

I thought Wal-Mart was uber-anti-union corporate evil.