Wednesday, September 14, 2005

OK, never liked him, but now he's on the hate list

Chronic whiner Garrison Keillor has always been a foe of CC's. He's just so self-satisfied and hokey. Very much the guy at the party who stands next to the carrot sticks so he can feel popular when people get hungry.

And one time, in front of her minister the ChaliceMom decided to repeat a whole bunch of jokes about Unitarians Keillor had made in a clear attempt to plead for her minister's approval. It was so deeply lame and the minister did have the decency to look uncomfortable. Not proud of this but, CC changed the subject by telling a joke about Baptists. Both mother and minister roared. Presbyterians love a good Baptist joke.

Anyway, I was reluctantly defending Keillor's right to free speech a few weeks ago, but apparently he doesn't give a damn about anyone else's.

What a punk.


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Psyton said...

So... did Nora Ephron contribute to NPR? I'm beginning to see a connection: "People CC hate who also happen to be regular contributors to National Public Radio"

*Waits Patiently for the "CC hates Click and Clack" rant*