Wednesday, September 21, 2005

CC thinks as she gets dressed

Wouldn't it rock if we as a society got together and declared "Natural fibers are more comfortable and feel better, yet we collectively just don't have time to iron. So henceforth, we will not judge one another on the wrinkled state of our clothes and a skirt that you just pulled out of the dryer and hung up will be acceptable for business."

OK, it would rock if we as a society got together and said a lot of things, but that one is foremost on my mind this morning.



Anna said...

I hate ironing and am so deeply convinced of the worthiness of that end that I might start a movement to that effect.

Or rather than a movement, maybe this calls for a marketing effort, get a few designers on our side, a few celebs to show up on the red carpet in wrinkled linen, carefully placed outfits of crumpled up cotton on popular tv shows, etc. Make sure, like pointy toed shoes, that "What Not to Wear" puts every single person in a bit of creased hemp after throwing out all their meticulously ironed button down shirts...

Anna said...
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