Saturday, September 17, 2005

It's official: Giftwrap is midtown

Got a fruit and vegetable basket hand-picked from the Berkley farmers market from Cecily-with-a-calling last week and in my excitement to get at the mangoes ignored the bitchin' bag the basket was wrapped in.

Was looking at it this morning and noticed it was not just a cloth bag, but was indeed a "wrapsack," which is apparently a cloth bag that is tracked on the internet so you can see where it has been.

As the first person to register said sack, I got to name it (Abe Froman) and give it a lifetime aspiration ("I've already been from the west coast to the east coast. Now I'd like to go back.")

Too freakin' cool.

My Christmas giftwrap budget just went up big time.


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Anonymous said...

Enjoyed the mangoes I presume?