Monday, September 05, 2005

Diva Diet Tips

I try not to post too much about dieting, but I'm just back from walking stupid dog 4.6 miles so diet and exercise are on my mind.

I usually eat when I'm bored, so recently I've been trying to exercise when I'm bored. Stupid Dog gets walked a lot and I can safely ignore my cravings because I leave my money at home, because really, I'd look weird walking the dog and carrying a purse.

I always dress cute to walk the dog, in shorts or preferably a miniskirt. An encouraging smile is an encouraging smile.

(Another Diva diet tip: When you go out and plan to eat dinner but don't know where you will, don't carry cash. Even better, if you have an AmEx card only carry that one. They don't take AmEx at the burger joints (or at least most of them) and if you end up going someplace nice, you won't order the burger and fries because only a punk would eat a burget at a fish restaurant or something. You'll be poor, but thinner.))

who noticed that Stupid Dog's reaction to the yappy dogs on the corner is to give them a look that's like "What's your problem?" and keep walking. He's a good dog.

Ps. Non-Dieters, why not buy some cookies from Peter. and help him pay for a new server.

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