Saturday, July 02, 2005

CC becomes concerned that her brains may fall out

How can/should we talk about scientology?

If it's ok to dismiss ANY belief system as a wacky cult, it seems like it should be those guys.

But is it?

As many have pointed out, the virgin birth and the wise men and all is a lot to swallow, too, but finding out that a friend takes the bible somewhat literally does not reduce my opinion of the friend's judgement.

I think that finding out they were a scientologist likely would.

Is this intolerance or just common sense?



Anonymous said...

It's common sense CC, IMHO. Unless, of course, we do have the remains of a dead alien living in our brains.

Anonymous said...

Remnants of dead aliens in our brains aren't any odder than talking snakes, immaculate conception, etc.
THe only reason Scientologists seem weird is because there are fewer of them.
But, I am in agreement with CC in that I feel uneasy about dismissing anyone's religion out-of-hand as "wacky."
But, I am also in agreement that there are some religions that are downright creepy.

Anonymous said...

I don't know enough about Scientology to have any idea just how strange it is, but, since almost all religions involve believing some wacky thing or other, I think they are evidence that it is "common sense" or fact-based reality that is odd, rather than believing wacky things.

Anonymous said...

True story- I have an acquaintance into Scientology who called a Wiccan friend wacky!

Joel monka

Obijuan said...

My broad guidline is this: any religion created by a mediocre SF writer on a bet in the '50s is probably safe to call "wacky."

Anonymous said...

I think your test of which type of posting is better/easier is unfair because it's more intuitive to reply using the one that is below the entry than the one above. Then people use that one, so you reply on that one, and so on. Try reversing their positions and see if it changes.

Jason Pitzl-Waters said...

Alien warlords? Sure. Decended from clams? Why not. Won't take crazy pills? Fair enough. Sucks their members of money, highly aggressive lawyers who try to silence any dissent, mysterious deaths, and frequent use of intimidation and fear to keep the faithful in line. That is where I stop. They are a cult. As a Pagan I don't use that term lightly, but they are. Check out this site: