Saturday, July 16, 2005

Liveblogging the new Harry Potter novel.

Someone actually hard core about this would've started at midnight.

But midnight is when you go for scrambled eggs after a play.

Eating barbecue-flavored soy crisps and reading Harry Potter requires a more civilized hour. Like 11:15 a.m

I'm stretched out on the Fugly couch now. Glass of c2 and bag of soy crisps waiting to refresh me.

Here we go. I won't spoil anything major, but will talk about little stuff and my own speculations.



Denise said...

LOL, CC! I love your chapter by chapter blogging! My s/o is reading first so I'll just read along with you til she's done!

jfield said...

Your hippie quotient increased one point with the consumption of soy crisps.

TheCSO said...

Sorry CC, gotta agree with jfield on that one..

PeaceBang said...

I would opt for Pirate Booty myself but knock yourself out with the Soy Crisps. I haven't even read the fourth book. I LOVED the first three: read them when I was laid up with two broken ankles (achieved when I was rescuing orphans from a burning building. Don't believe that? Think I just fell off a curb into a pothole or something? You're absolutely correct.).

Chalicechick said...

(((Sorry CC, gotta agree with jfield on that one..)))

Yeah, and it was funny how I was like "Dude, you want a soy crisp?" and next thing I knew the empty bag was next to your computer.

If eating soy crisps is one hippie point, eating soy crisps somebody else paid for has to be five.

The Harry Potter books in descending order of goodness run: