Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Back in the blogging saddle

Well, my linguist friend is headed home and CC is back at work.

Didn't mean to quit blogging as much as I did, I guess I needed a vacation from more than just work.

A few things:

--Yes, as Kim asked in the comments and one person emailed, Fugly does come from "f'n ugly." Around the ChaliceAbode, we use it the term Chalicefamily fugly couch, which is a couch so durable as to be indestructable that manages to be too squishy for comfortable for sitting, too short to be comfortable for sleeping and the color of oatmeal with too much milk in it. CC has been voting to replace it and its equally appalling chair brother with a black leather sofa and a lovesac for sometime, but it is not our first priority.

By far the best thing about this couch is cheering:

Our couch ain't got no alibi
It's fugly!

--The CSO made the point this weekend that when Alberto Gonzales is not in a position where his career is dependent on sucking up wildly to President Bush, he's actually more liberal than a lot of people. I still find the man seriously icky. But TheCSO may be right. Fire away.

--Evan Bayh is indeed the hottest senator other than Obama, something I've been telling y'all for a month. Not that anyone so far has cared.


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