Saturday, July 23, 2005

Sweet domesticity

Dull morning so far at the ChaliceAbode.

CC got up early and started working on a sexy adventure story she's writing for a friend. (CC sometimes writes sexy adventure stories to give her friends. Her biggest peice so far was a novella about CC, the CSO, the birthday boy and some of her pals fighting alongside an alien intergalatic asskicker/engineering professor to save her girlfriend and the birthday boy's girlfriend from an evil alien overlord. It included bar fights, love scenes with aliens and a happy ending where we're all millionaires. Can't argue with that.)

(It amazes even me what the CSO puts up with.)

Well anyway, CC is working on something sort of similar.

Also, the CSO and I are negotiating homeowner details (CC gets to paint the master bedroom deep blue and have white curtains and furniture if the CSO gets to install Japanese gadget toilets in the bathrooms.) It's like the Reykjavik conference in here, or would be if Reagan and Gorbachev had been laying on a futon.

I let him read over my shoulder and now we're arguing about who's who. (Not that I'm saying anything here, but somebody's pajamas went a little pink in the wash.)

Ah, the halcyon days of newlywed life...


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Anonymous said...

So, when are you going to write a novel?