Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Philocrites: Mind-Mannered Blogger or Secret Identity?

Mild-mannered Philo is taking a well-deseerved break from blogging. But CC secretly suspects that he needs more free time to sneak out of his office, change into costume and fight crime around Boston as SUUperman.

I’m imagining the evil Mr. Mythter wreaking havoc on Boston, making people perceive wildly sentimental things, deluding people into buying lottery tickets, forwarding chain emails and voting for abortion notification bills. Then wha-ha! SUUperman slides in on his Reason Rocket Skates (since we all know that people can't really fly) and saves the day, refining beliefs through reason and kicking ass when appropriate.

Or maybe I’m just having a slowish day at work and feeling a bit imaginative.

Who, just so you know, doesn’t typically make a habit of imagining her fellow bloggers in tights. Well, maybe Gatheringwater…


Matthew said...

What a coincidence! I'm actually wearing tights at this very moment. Well, support hose, at least. (Control top.)

Chalicechick said...

Hot! Hot! Hot!