Thursday, July 21, 2005

Silver Lining

Anybody who Ann Coulter hates this much can't be all bad.



Anonymous said...

How come Anne Coulter looks like a really low-class hooker after a bad night on her blog photo? Her mouth is all dirty, she's got greasy hair falling in her face (and girl needs a root job!), and she has a kind of dazed look, like maybe her pimp just roughed her up.

Skank ho.

Chalicechick said...

Ummm... If our problem with a woman is her opinions, let's not make our response about her sexuality.

My objection to Rush Limbaugh is not that he is a fat, middle aged loser, it is that he is wrong.

I'd say we owe Anne Coulter the same.


Psyton said...

Anne Coulter owes us back the time we had to spend countering all her insufferable BS.

I will take payment by mocking her skankiness and buying stock in a publishing company... The one that will publish her memoirs about how she really just wanted to be a liberal, Canadian lesbian. It will explain, it will expose, it will be fabulous.

Sorry, but my utter distate of her opinions is what makes her roasts so delicious ;)

Obijuan said...

Is it her hatred? Or did she crib it from someone else?