Saturday, July 09, 2005

CC meets Peregrinato

When I meet someone in person that I only know from online, it is inevitably under weird circumstances. I met AP three days before my wedding when I hadn't had a solid night of sleep in what felt like months and chocolate in longer. I met Fausto and a whole bunch of other folks at the blog con the day after I had just had a fender bender that ruined my perfect driving record and though insurance covered everything, left me freaked out and weird for about a week to come. (We turned in the rental car and flew home. TheCSO doesn't drive but, bless him, understands "I'm too freaked to drive eight hours back, fly me home.")

Peregrinato's meeting is the champ. When I met Peregrinato, I had spent the morning sanding the blue trim off a house I was helping repaint as part of a church low-income housing project. My entire body was covered in fine blue powder. I fully expect him to blog "I have met CC. And she is a smurf."

But Peregrinato himself was a total joy to meet. He was laid-back and funny and, I hope he doesn't mind my saying so, only slightly less clueless about his occupational future than I am about mine. (This is hugely refreshing in a town where everyone knows where they are going and plans to get there pronto.)

And he's gonna try to get me tickets to an exclusive drag show. Squee!


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Peregrinato said...

Holy Smokes!!!! How did I miss this? And praise, even!!!!

Thank you so much :)

BTW, tickets for the Miss Adams Morgan Pageant are now available. Still interested? I can look into it for you!