Monday, July 25, 2005

Fluff topic: Cast your blog.

If your blog were a movie, who would play you? Who would play the people in your life who show up as "characters" in your blog? Who would play your favorite other bloggers?

Living actors, dead actors, cartoon characters, whatever are all allowed.

Flattering your friends and family on their looks is allowed, but try to get someone who sort of has their essance.

I'll start with Chaliceblog characters, but will weigh in with ideas for other bloggers if this catches on:

CC: A cross of Meg from Family Guy (roundish, overly dramatic smart girl) and Tank Girl. (Actually, we could stop at roundish, overly dramatic smart girl, but I don't want to)

TheCSO: Dean Haglund from the X-files or Johnny Depp if I've had a few drinks.

The ChaliceMom: Blythe Danner

The ChaliceDad: Christopher Walken

My linguist friend: is difficult. Micheal Caine or maybe Spencer Tracy.

Oliver: is hard to cast, given that Steve Buscemi is too old.

Jennifer Beautiful: Resembled Julie Newmar in Jennifer's actress youth but is more of a Jeanine Garafalo now.

CK: Jennifer Aniston


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Psyton said...

Psyton: Philip Seymour Hoffman, occasionally Matt Damon on good days.

Spud2984 (CSO): Colin Farell

The PsytonMom: Blonde-phase Bette Middler.

The PsytonDad: Harrison Ford!!

Geoff (roomate, best friend): a young Dudley Moore.

Henry: Chan Lung, Peter