Saturday, July 16, 2005

Chapter fourteen.


Quality of writing is, to be frank, not why I read these books. Yet I was really taken by the image of a depressed Hermione, sitting on the front desk of an empty classroom, dejectedly conjouring birds that flying around her head in a circle. Goodness, it sounds stupid when I say it like that, but I thought it worked.

Also, it is striking how they use the word "snog" for "kiss" in all sorts of contexts where one might define it as something a little further along if one didn't know what it meant. I guess that's going to fly over the heads of anybody who doesn't get it.


Ps. Told you so.

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Radical Hapa said...

Dude this is so sweet! I have to finish a term paper first, but then I'm going to read mine. Thanks for posting your chapter thoughts CC.