Thursday, July 14, 2005

Response to Knuckles

Knuckles comments:

After speaking to some other folks about this whole bru-haha i was reminded that UUs can be real assholes. I've seen ministers give other ministers shit unaware that they were speaking to a colleague, I've seen UUs badmouth hotel staff because they could. Hell, I've treated older hippy UUs badly.

To which I say:

Come on! Like abusing Hippies of any age is actually wrong!


who is kidding, kinda sorta, no, she's not. Well, yes, she is.

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jfield said...

Do you know the Patton Oswalt bit about his hatred of hippies?

"I eat meat just out of my pathological hatred of hippies. I like to think that every time a bite into a steak a hippy's hacky sack rolls into the gutter."