Saturday, July 30, 2005

Random stuff

Random thoughts on my trip:

Last night I stayed up late finishing David Lodge's "Therapy," a perfectly readable but not life changing book about a British sitcom writer going through a midlife crisis. Expect weird little Britishisms to creep into my writing for awhile.

I've taken to wearing a lot of sweater sets. They're very Charlotte York Goldblatt and I think they help me get into the Republican ethos one needs for my work. I'm really messy, though, and had tossed sweater pieces all over my linguist friend's guest room. It sort of looks like Ann Taylor exploded. I'm such a sucky houseguest.

DC food really is expensive, isn't it? The food here is nothing. And the movie cost 9.25 for the both of us.

Hmm... At some point, we're going to Ann Arbor to visit one a bookstore that is similar to Edie's but, umm, better organized and less kindly priced. (One time, I was in a retro mood and bought an Ann Beattie novel at Edie's. At the register, we noticed it was signed by Ann Beattie. She shrugged and charged me a buck more. Another time I found a dictionary in her store marked $16 that I gently informed her was worth $150. She sold it to me for $16. Edie's rules.)

I've heard from two high school classmates in two days and neither of them are lawyers.
Weird. I got an e-mail that reminded me that I still totally owe Our-Hero-Charlie-the-Vanquisher and the new Mrs. a wedding present.

At this point, this post is just random stream of consciousness about my personal life, isn't it?

Oh well. I'll go back to solving the UUA's problems after my vacation...



Matthew said...

I didn't know there are shops called Ann Taylor. I thought you were talking about the NPR correspondent. I googled her to see if she wore a lot of sweater sets.

Chalicechick said...

CC laughs, but with you.

No, Ann Taylor is just where preppy women shop.