Monday, July 18, 2005

CC had underestimated the UCC

This resolution kicks ass.

Most people who read my blog know that I, in the general case, take a dim view of our church involving itself in politics. I don't want to hear about specific legislation or specific people from the pulpit, and I absolutely don't want any church money going toward/against specific people. (E.g. Right now many members of my church are involved in a campaign to keep a new highway from being built. I won't sign any petition you hand me sunday morning and when one of my committees wanted to give a group lobbying against the highway some of their money, I voted against it.)

I favor approaching the political issues we do deal with from a moral and spiritual context and keeping our focus as a spiritual community firmly on the big picture. If you want to do politics, go home and do politics, but sunday morning is for worship. We serve the holy first and our politics someplace after that.

But this statement is great. It focuses on the issue in a moral context rather than a political one and talks about the spiritual realm of the issue. And it is really nicely written.

My apologies for the UCC for my assumption that they would be as lame as we are and props to my linguist friend for saying "No, really, you should read this."

And rolled eyes to anyone who can read this statement and in any way say the UCC is sitting on the sidelines.


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