Monday, July 02, 2007

Response from Poly Friend re: Cocktail party invite

Since we are more of 'friends with benefits' than SO's of any flavor, probably not required.

If you wanted to be painfully correct, inviting Sarah would be appropriate, as she's essentially our third. however, as we don't all live in the same house (which is where i personally draw the lines for this sort of thing) it's not strictly necessary.

thanks for asking: )

So there we have it.

I still ordered Steve's book, though.



Stephanie said...

I'm finding your cocktail party way more intriguing than my own work right now.

PG said...

The "living in the same house" is a nice practical line to draw. I wonder how that would apply to a situation like "Big Love," where the houses of the sister-wives are connected?

Louise said...

@ms. theologian: Me, too! I'm so happy to be learning something new that doesn't involve diesel fuel and adhesives (the current issues in my life...)

Unknown said...

in partial response to PG:

i believe that there were still individual households int that show, were there not? Having only seen the pilot and perhaps one other ep, i don't really recall. so the living in the same house rules would still be pretty effective.

or you go with the 'invite the couple you fell has(will) supported your relationship to date.'

or invite no one to the wedding but have an open cocktail reception.

but that's just the way i'd go. i had neither a formal wedding nor reception, so i probably don't get a vote on this issue anyway.

-CC's poly friend

ps: I'm not entirely sure how the invite morphed into a wedding rather than a party. Perhaps because i think of weddings as the last event that 'requires' formal invitations.