Friday, July 20, 2007

CC the party girl

Both LinguistFriend and Ms. Kitty have asked for an account of my birthday party last weekend. Probably the most interesting feature of the party was the guests. TheCSO, a big fan of Anime conventions, invited his engineer-type friends and their wives. CC, who likes long discussions of deep topics late at night, had invited a bunch of her creative-type friends.

I kid you not, the engineers were all there by 7:15 and left at ten. The creative types began to trickle in at 8:30 and the last ones left after one.

I was going for a retro theme so I made retro snacks. I did little chicken salad sandwiches, party meatballs, keishes, rumaki and I got the ChaliceMom to do me some deviled eggs. We drank mojitos, cosmos and gimlets and Sarah-the-extrovert brought port. Oh and by the end of the night I was drinking apple pucker, a drink I learned about from drag queens in New Orleans.

Jana-who-creates was there and brought her family. Zombie Kid and TheGnome were their usual exuberant and delightful selves. I persuaded ZombieKid to do his Zombie impression to the great amusement of the partygoers. If his mother allows it, one of these days I'm going to take a picture and post it. This Zombie impression is just that impressive. TheGnome had insisted his family give me a whoopie cushion for my birthday, so that was one of my presents from them. The usefulness of a whoopie cushion at Georgetown Law was discussed.

At sround midnight, the creative types decided we need a quote board where amusing things people say can be recorded for posterity. A few months ago, I had bought a large whiteboard where I could list tasks my housemates needed to do. To say it didn't help would be an understatement. But anyway, we had the whiteboard downstairs and theCSO brought it up and we started recording people's hilarious witticisms for posterity.

The next morning, nothing recorded on the quote board was particularly funny or interesting.

So, I guess it was a good party.



Lilylou said...

Sounds like it was a great party, even though it didn't produce any useful sound bytes. Thanks for giving us the lowdown on it.

Anonymous said...

Happy Belated!

Lisa M. Orange said...

Any party (or blog post) that involves a whoopie cushion, Georgetown Law, and Apple Pucker is awesome in my book. Sorry I couldn't be there!