Sunday, July 22, 2007

Last few chapters of Potter

Sorry about the delay and sorry about the fact that no division between the chapters exists in the following. I finished the book early this morning and lent it to a friend.

There are some really good aspects to the end of the book. Lizard Eater is correct that the "Prince's Tale" chapter is first rate and does resolve many of the previous mysteries. The themes of discrimination (full-blood wizard vs. Human born, wizard vs. other) are nicely played out and what happens to Kingsley Shackeford is a nice touch in this regard.

The stuff you would expect is in the last few chapters. (I completely don't get why this review is getting blasted for spoiling anything. As I'm reading it, pretty much everything I saw was obviously going to happen.)

Possibly the thing I'd been looking forward to the most in this book was the Epilogue and I found that a disappointment. It focuses on relationships rather than any other aspects of life.

There's lots of death. Someone had told me in advance that two major characters die and I found myself wondering with each death who qualified as major. I'm still not sure who that's referring to as there are several good candidates. If I still care, I may start a discussion in a week or two.

Only two of the deaths seem superfluous, and even they are understandable, they just don't seem necessary as the point has well been made by then.

Molly Weasley gets a nice moment.

But yeah, overall it is extremely readable, does a serviceable job of giving you the answers you wanted, but leaves you wanting more. More explanations, more news on the minor characters, MUCH more Hogwarts.

Ah well, as Jana-who-creates pointed out, that just leaves more fodder for the fanfic writers.



Anonymous said...

I'm re-reading #4, then I will read #5 and #6 before my stepson will let me read #7.

Anonymous said...

this was a really good book but i just think that the way she ended it just makes you want to know more rather then putting it to rest like she said she would, its like as if she put that ending on so that if she decided that in years to come that she wanted to write more she could