Tuesday, July 31, 2007

CC stands corrected

Awhile back, I called Poppy Z. Brite a "mediocre goth writer" and Epilonious called me on it, telling me that her new series starting with Liquor does not, in fact, suck.

He's right. It's pretty good. Ep was right I was wrong, there you go.



epilonious said...

Snark is delicious. Snark is delectable when it changes the world.

Alas, I fear that David Sedaris is a lost cause, but I can't win every battle.

And all being said, I think you are turning into a damn fine writer yourself.

Anonymous said...

ha I almost commented when you posted that blog entry to say that she really hates being called a goth writer or a horror writer. Do you read her blog, it's often amusing in that watching a train wreck sort of way.

I'm a Poppy Z Brite fan - whether she's writing great things or mediocre things. She's just damn interesting either way.