Tuesday, July 10, 2007

OK, I *must* own The Secret now...

Katy-the-Wise tipped me off that the Secret contains a bunch of Emerson quotes and they are all fake.

I'd like to see if this is true.

Would a Chalicesseur be kind enough to buy it for me?



Steve Caldwell said...

According to Netflix, you can rent it.

Chalicechick said...

The book?

Anonymous said...

If no one bites, maybe you could visit a bookstore and copy down the Emerson quotes.

It seems weird that there would be fake Emerson quotes given that Emerson was so prolific. He could practically be quoted by accident.

I haven't heard anything about fake Emerson quotes, but I have heard some annoyance that Emerson (among others) were quoted as knowing The Secret, even though they never said anything about "the law of attraction."

Steve Caldwell said...

Sorry ... I had not heard of a companion book for the The Secret film.

Personally, I would check through interlibrary loan. I would rather not give my money to self-help gurus of dubious value.

But I would love to see Penn and Teller's Bullshit show on Showtime taking a critical look at The Secret.

I suppose that the "power of positive thinking" thing was original back in the 1950s when Norman Vincent Peale popularized it.

You may appreciate this quote from Wikipedia which quotes a critic of The Secret:

Karin Klein, editorial writer for the Los Angeles Times, called The Secret "just a new spin on the very old (and decidedly not secret) The Power of Positive Thinking [book by Norman Vincent Peale (1952)] wedded to 'ask and you shall receive'." The editorial, in one of its strongest criticisms, asserted Rhonda Byrne "took the well-worn ideas of some self-help gurus, customized them for the profoundly lazy, [and] gave them a veneer of mysticism..."

Joel Monka said...

I watched "The Secret", and had decidedly mixed feelings... first, I was tempted with the thought that perhaps I, Too, could steal a couple of woohoo new age concepts and make a fortune from it, then was immediately ashamed for even momrntarily contemplating preying on desparate people like that.