Sunday, July 08, 2007

Like, Peacebang, but you know, seriously not

So I was looking for clubwear to wear to a party next weekend and I turned up this page.

I think PB and this woman should get together and do "Beauty Tips for Sexy Ministers."

Link not work-safe. Like, at all.


EDITED because I had missed that the writer was a woman


Louise said...

So funny! Halfway through, I figured out it was a male voice and I immediately pictured a particular male UU blogger saying all that.

I won't say which one, because feelings might get hurt. Because it was like, him, but you know, seriously not.

And now I really want to know PeaceBang's take on fishnets with stilettos, in the pulpit.

Robin Edgar said...

Your "guy" is a "dominant woman" CC. Who knows? Maybe Peacebang is moonlighting. . . ;-)

LinguistFriend said...

So is this where you got the request to "Buy me things!"
(half way down on right)?

Chalicechick said...

Robin: You're right, and I edited the post to reflect that.

LF: Nope.


PeaceBang said...

What is B Jones SAYING, fishnets with FLATS??? That is SO WRONG. Everyone knows you wear fishnets with heels, for heaven's sake. Even a small town pastor knows that. But we agree that leather vests on anyone is just disastrous. That's an interesting point of agreement.

Robin Edgar said...

I do try to be right CC. . .