Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Weird stuff that happened today

1. I went by the testing center today. My boss there asked what was up with me. I told her my friend and my grandmother both died. She said, with total sincerety,

"Yeah, we've had two other people's grandmothers die recently. It's going around."

Yep, death of old people is going around.

2. I actually sat down on the floor at my mother's house and played a board game with my mother and brothers. Very strange behavior.

3. Last night I dreamed I was driving a pickup truck full of body bags. I didn't kill the people in them, but I was in charge of seeing them safely to their destination. I guess I was Cerberus.

4. Ok, Ok, people didn't like my old site design. The new one stays until I put something better together.


Robin Edgar said...

I never complained about your old site design. I kinda thought the Grim Reaper graphic was kinda cute. Baby don't fear the reaper. . . ;-)

PeaceBang said...

I think Charon is the boat dude. Cerberus is the three-headed dog who guards the Underworld. We could have quite a death gig going, because the same night you dreamed the body bags, I dreamed that I was in a speedboat and a black, hairless three-headed dog was asleep on the bottom. He kept patting his paw next to him as if to say, "Come on down here and sit next to me." I was thinking, "uh, no thanks" when the other two heads stirred and lifted themselves to look at me. Freeeeeaky!
(the Aztecs had black, hairless little dogs who were guides to the Underworld, too, so I had all my bases covered. If I die soon I apologize for being the third strike in your bad month, but after a dream like that, it's hard not to feel a wee bit portentous)