Wednesday, February 01, 2006

So humanity doesn't completely suck after all

TheCSO had called to cancel my phone, but we'd found out that if the phone were cancelled, the voicemail wouldn't work. I didn't want to lose my voicemail for the day, so we planned to just go get a new SIM card and put it theCSO's old phone until my replacement arrived.

Thus we didn't cut the phone off and could keep trying it. TheCSO did, and one time someone actually answered and talked to him. The guy who found my phone found it where he works and took it home, where his brother found it when the CSO called. TheCSO got the brother's address and we pciked up the phone last night.

So that's good.



Anonymous said...

nice to see some good news.

Unknown said...

Someone stole Nicole's phone once, and when we called it, they answered it...and denied having the phone!

T-Mobile was great and sent us a new one free...but what an a@@.

You were lucky.

Robin Edgar said...

Surely you mean but what an U*U. . . ;-)

To be an U*U

Or not to be an U*U

THAT is the question. . . ;-)