Sunday, February 05, 2006

CC and the CSO’s guide to watchable SNL skits

Saturday Night Live actually does not suck if you have TiVo. It takes like half an hour to watch, but the good parts are still really good. For the past few months, TheCSO and I have been working on a guide for those TiVoing SNL. We like to minimize the suckage by predicting early on if a skit will be funny or not.

Here are the guidelines we've figured out;

Keep watching:
-Weekend Update. (Duh!)
-Anything about a convention
-Tina Fey
-Hardball with Chris Matthews
-Rachel Dratch as Debbie Downer.
-Will Forte as Tim Conway
-Anything where Keenan Thompson makes fun of slam poetry
-High school kids putting on some sort of show
-President Bush

Good signs:
-Maya Rudolph, unless she’s playing Donatella Versace
-Celebrities playing themselves
-Will Forte
-Parodies of news shows

Bad signs:
-Set in a restaurant (very few good skits are set in restaurants. Last really good one CC can remember was last Mother’s Day although the one with the Amtrak lady a few weeks ago was passable.)
-Set in an office
-Set in the future
-Set at a party
-Set at a hospital
-Horatio Sanz
-Parody celebrity interview shows

Just go ahead and hit fast forward:
-Set in Target
-Horatio Sanz in a dress
-Someone playing a kid
-Merv the Perv
-Set in Outer Space

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