Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Funny Post

CC had the following phone conversation about five minutes ago:

CC: Hey, Joe, Pam says she has the jacket you left when you were visiting the hospice.

Joe-the-Math-Guy: Oh really? That's good to know.

CC: Yeah, she will bring it to you tomorrow. She picked it up because she thought it was mine. I called because I figured you might be worried about it. It is such a great jacket.

Joe: I wasn't worried, really, maybe mildly concerned.

CC: Either way, whatever level of concerned you were, I wanted to allay that.

Joe: Well, thank you for a layin' me.

(Mother of all awkward silences.)

CC: Should I cook you breakfast now?

Joe: Say "hi" to your husband for me.

And we rang off.


Robin Edgar said...

Just how many cunning linguists do you know CC? ;-)

Chalicechick said...

Most of them aren't half cunning enough. But this post was about a mathematician.