Sunday, February 19, 2006

That makes sense.

I've got enough going on in my personal life that I've sort of been ignoring the news. (I do this to the detriment of TheChaliceblog. I'm not sure why with millions of people putting their political opinions on the internet, when I write about politics my page hits go up, but this seems to be the case. Maybe people using search engines mispell foreign leaders' names the same way I do.)

Plus, I haven't really known what to write about. Bush's statement that we (we meaning, NATO, meaning "some other country's troops") should go into Darfur doesn't rock my world. The Cheney hunting this just seems sort of weird and sad*, and I haven't known what to make of people rioting over cartoons.

It's all one thing has some extremely reasonable things to say about the riots.


*And I can accept that people are overreacting to this hunting thing, but Cheney deserved ten times the crap he got for attending that service at Auschwitz dressed for a Packers game. (Related item: I'm at my college for Margaret's funeral tonight and a student cheerfully told me how she'd gotten a Yoda t-shirt from Walmart just for the occiasion. The response that came to mind is not printable even by the rather vulgar standards of this blog.)

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