Saturday, February 11, 2006

Thanks to everyone who voted for me

I tied for "Best Religious Writing or Theological Commentary," which I didn't expect to do since Dan Harper's Purple Cows post kicked so much ass.

I won "Best Anecdote or Narrative-Best of Class," which I was hoping for since Anecdote and Narrative is kinda what we do here.

I really think I owe serious props to The Happy Feminist, who sort of sent in her own cavalry and had several times told people my blog was nifty and vote-worthy.



Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS! Your awards are well deserved, and thank YOU so much for introducing me to the UU-blogosphere.

I actually didn't realize I had a cavalry. I am hopeful that my non-UU readers will get to know the UU blogosphere-- already I've noticed at least a couple of them linking or commenting on UU blogs.

Dave said...

Congratulations! Well deserved.

Actually, some of THF's support is sea-born.


Joel Monka said...

CC, your awards are indeed well earned; Happy Feminist, I enjoy your blog as well- thanks to CC for directing our attention there!