Monday, May 02, 2005

Various thoughts on crime

What's up with CC's brother?

A few people at the blog con asked. (Which is not at all a problem, after all, I brought it up.)

Jason will have to go to jail for six months unless the ChaliceMom writes a big check. Knowing her, the check is in the mail already.

Oliver is awaiting arraignment. The minimum punishment in VA runs about 6 years, but he thinks he can get around it. Of course, that sort of person thinks he can get around a lot of stuff.

By far the worst part for me is the impact on the ChaliceMom. Both because it has depressed her and because she has adopted a sort of "He may have told US he did thing A, but the lawyers might not be able to PROVE IT. How can we help him get away with as much as possible?" mindset more suited to a reasonable-doubt-for-a-reasonable-fee-defense-lawyer than CC's earliest source of moral authority.

Still, she's the kid's mom so perhaps it is unreasonable to expect anything different.

Latest Clip.

Has anybody figured out the motive for the crimes in The Night that the Lights Went out in Georgia?

I never have.


I wrote to a friend recently, saying of something his ex-wife used to say "It's a measure of her rhetorical skill that she can make a statement so brief that's annoying on so many levels."

That's about how I feel about these letters.


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Anonymous said...

Your family is in my thoughts, and I hope that whatever happens is for the best.