Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Yeah, yeah... It's on UPN... But don't judge.

Good things about the Veronica Mars season finale:

1. Fire. Lots of fire. SO many shows need season finales with someone trapped in a burning refrigerator. Like The Apprentice. Seriously kids, the action sequences kicked ass and the stuff that was supposed to be scary was. (Shot of killer’s eyes in rearview mirror made CC think: “The call is coming from INSIDE THE HOUSE!”)

2. Veronica has a Sidekick 2 (brand new. I’m a cellphone geek. She had a Nokia flip phone in previous episodes), but it broke when she really needed it. Only Tmobile customers can appreciate the realism there.

3. The paternity test scene. Wow.

4. (a) I didn’t call who the killer was, (b) but it all made sense and the clues were there. A+B=Very unusual. And I watch A LOT of mysteries.

Bad things about the Veronica Mars season finale

1. Ok, so Logan is left drunk, standing on a bridge, about to be attacked by a biker gang. Memo to VM’s creator Rob Thomas: I’m going to watch season two, you know. You don’t have to be so ham-handed about it.
2. Mac wasn’t in this one. We need Mac, the nerdy, chubbyish, smartypants brunette who found out she was switched at birth and her real parents are wealthy intellectuals. She needs to be in more episodes. Way more episodes. No reason…

But seriously. That was the best hour of Buffy-like television since season three of Buffy.

I’m not giving any spoilers here because VM almost got cancelled. You people need to watch for yourselves.

Who know that you, at this moment, could be reading one of many fine minister blogs if you wanted profundity, so she assumes that y’all are here for reasonably sharp wiseass writing and a somewhat unusual take on the world. Which suggests that there are potential Veronica Mars fans in my readership.

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