Saturday, May 28, 2005

Update on CC's Life

No blog reviews this weekend unless I have a sleepless night. My days are taken up having long conversations and doing the tourist thing around DC, which is always a challenge on Rolling Thunder weekend.

My linguist friend is visiting and is happy as a clam in the library/guest room. It’s very difficult to speak with him there as conversations tend to go like:

CC: So, I told the guy, we ordered thai chicken salad in puff pastry, this looks like cat food on a cracker. And he told me to try it, and it was good, but still, the place’s presentation skills totally sucked and I mean this is politics so presentation is everything and… hey?… are you even listening? That Spong book is NOT more interesting than what I’m saying. Jaspers, maybe, but SPONG?

Ok, I’m being spiteful there. What was really distracting him was Rebecca Parker’s bit about her suicide attempt at the beginning of Proverbs of Ashes. Come to think of it, Elaine Pagels writes about the death of her son in Beyond Belief And a minor theologian I know named Mary Louise Bringle writes about her struggle with bulimia in God of Thinness. Do male theologians do that?

Yesterday, CC took off from work and she and her linguist friend ran errands, visited Edie-who-sells-books at her store and then bummed around Georgetown until dinnertime, when the CSO met us there and we decided to eat at Benihana through the following discussion.

CC: Benihana doesn’t suck.
TheCSO: I could do that, I guess.
Linguist friend: That would be all right, I suppose.
CC: I mean like, we haven’t seen anyplace better.
TheCSO: Yeah. Might was well.
Lingusit friend: Why not?

I suspect Benihana has been chosen as a dinner location exactly this way thousands of times.


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