Friday, April 22, 2005

Blog Reviews as a Hangover Cure

My usual column from Coffee Hour

Don't ask

Just don’t.

Chutney is actually suggesting that the Seven Principles don't suck.


So... Why is it that one’s stomach contents enter one’s digestive tract within like two hours (amazing what a girl learns watching CSI), but when one drinks too much, one can start throwing up seven hours after one stops drinking?

Beth is dealing with someone who is throwing up, too. This is an extremely barf-heavy set of blog reviews today, and I am not at all referring to my reaction to the actual blogs.

OK, it’s because I’m not throwing up because my body thinks it’s getting alcohol poisoning, I’m throwing up because I’ve irritated my stomach lining. It’s not that I don’t understand it, I just find it incredibly unfair.

He's so fresh that I wanna get with 'im,
cause he's the Mac Daddy of Cathol-i-cism.
He's the Pope!

and boy, are we UUs talking about the man. Dan is.
James is. Chutney is. Peacebang is. Rick is.

Please don’t, like, write me and suggest AA or Rational Recovery. I swear to God the last time I made myself sick from drinking was New Year’s Eve of 2003, and the fact that it’s early Friday morning doesn’t have its typical significance since I’m on a long-weekend vacation.

Minstrare is back and he's discussing Universalism, a concept I still have trouble applying to my brother.

This is a vacation where I flew, you see. CC is not such a great flier and usually has a little something to calm her nerves. But she’d had a really long week at work and calmed her nerves excessively.

Returning is gushing about the admittedly gush-worthy Neil Gaiman, author of the coolest comic book series ever, some very spiff novels and an all around kickass human being. ObiJuan (heh, just got that.) does a nice job making it about more than just Neil Gaiman, and his post is actually a nice bit about our reaction to celebrity. CC personally has sneezed on Clyde Edgerton, for example, though she was really sick and didn't mean to and felt bad. Karen Armstrong isn't very interesting in person and has British teeth. Gloria Steinem isn't very interesting, but her teeth are first rate.

Oh, and Harlan Ellison was for awhile trying to nail my friend's girlfriend when she was a model in LA a few decades ago. The girlfriend had no appreciation whatsoever of how cool this was.

I swear I will never do this again. No, I mean, I will never drink so much again. I’ll be back with more blog reviews next Thursday. Or, you know, Saturday. Or maybe the Saturday after that. Anyway, yeah, you'll hear from me.

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