Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Please tell me this will show up on Snopes

Lame, just lame.



Anonymous said...

It is, indeed, an urban myth. This story has been around at least two years, and a number of radio hosts- ranging from Neal Boortz to NPR- have debunked it.

The story of Wisconson voting on issueing hunting licenses for domestic cats, however, is true.

Joel Monka

Anonymous said...

Myth has become a reality. The Chicago Tribune just had a story (reprinted form the Washington Post) that siad Congress is considering acting on the issue.

I know serious bowhunters who cosndier rifle hunting to be crude and unsportsmanlike. I would hate to hear what they think of people who need sattellites to do there hunting for them. "Lame" would be one of their milder adjectives.

Chalicechick said...

Yeah, I'm thinking that this is why God made Playstation 2s