Monday, May 23, 2005

Desperate Housewives thoughts.

1. I'm so bummed for Bree. And Rex's note? Sniffle. It would be hokey as hell to use the voiceover ghosts bit to show next season that Rex understood what really happened and got some solace. It would be hokey, but I'd still really appreciate it, because man, Rex dying of a broken heart because George set him up to think Bree was trying to kill him is depressing.

2. Hadn't the idea of the obviously unhappy Tom and the obviously unhappy Lynette switching places occurred to pretty much everyone by about the third episode of the season, once it had become clear that "basically selfish lady with obnoxious kids" was the only plot Lynette was getting?
As a non-maternal type, I've been trying hard to think of a moment when Lynette was actually sympathetic, but I really can't.

3. I actually sort of feel for Carlos, and believe me, it disturbs me that I do. But seriously, my brothers have many times proved that stupidity is, in fact, a crime.

4. Teri Hatcher really does a fabulous job as Susan. She is so dumb, yet one loves her so much.

Those are my thoughts.

starting to worry that she's taking her entertainment too seriously these days.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I was afraid Rex was going to bite the bullet. Too bad too...I don't feel sorry for Carlos though. I 'm really annoyed by him and hope he is shipped off to prison soon.

I am dying to know what happened to Paul, and I hope (desperately?) that Mike and Susan aren't offed by psycho-kid.

Anonymous said...

Mrs Philocrites and I have tried -- twice, but it feel like two times too many -- to fathom the appeal of this show. We have given up each time after ten minutes of unrelenting boredom. Think of it as a character weakness, but I cannot figure out why this show is a hit.

Instead, we laughed for a few minutes at Star Wars Episode II on Fox and then watched Miss Marple on PBS.