Sunday, January 24, 2010

Wonder how long it will be before the witness gets arrested

Remember the guy I posted about a few days ago who got arrested after giving an off-duty police officer guff about parking in a fire lane? Witnesses are backing up his side of the story.


Ps. Criminal Justice *headdesk* of the day.


Joel Monka said...

The most extreme possible crime to a large plurality of police is being a smart ass- that will get you roughed up faster than being a murderer or child molestor, and is often deemed worthy of planting pot or a weapon. Thank God for cellphones and miniature videocams.

Joel Monka said...

Your PS story isn't as bad as this one about a TSA screener planting a bag of white powder on a traveler as a "joke".

Chalicechick said...

As much as the TSA story sucked, and it did, the girl there spent maybe two minutes thinking she might go to jail for drug possession.

These men actually went to jail for drug possession, one of them for four days.

Also, the TSA guy got fired. Cops never get fired for this kind of thing.