Sunday, January 10, 2010

Stuck this up on Facebook awhile back

But it deserves to be here too. What your favorite author says about you

The F. Scott Fitzgerald entry is genius and the Hunter S. Thompson one made me laugh out loud.

You should probably take this is the same spirit that you took the What your favorite drink says about you thing I linked to a couple of years ago.

whose favorite author Robertson Davies isn't listed.


Desmond Ravenstone said...

Well, I do like Shakespeare, but I don't see how anyone who likes the Bard also likes bondage.

PG said...

Some good, but some misfires:

Huge difference between the kind of women for whom Jane Austen is their favorite author and those for whom Emily Bronte is their favorite. There is not a lot of agonized passion in Austen. I'd tag the Wuthering Heights fans as likely to LUG; the Austen ones are more likely to think about thread counts.

I think she must have meant Thoreau rather than Emerson.

DairyStateDad said...

Loved that. Favorite stereotypes are the Tolstoy / Dostoevsky pairing. And the Hawthorne and Dickens refs.

hsofia said...

Very very funny! My favorite writer isn't on here, either, so maybe it was even funnier for that reason.