Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Best dream ever.

TheCSO and I were about to have dinner in a beautiful restaurant on a small cliff facing the ocean. We were in nice clothes and it was clearly an expensive restaurant. Unfortunately, our dining companions were very disagreeable. There were a large group of them and when we were seated at a long table facing the ocean, several of them complained that it would be too hot with the sun coming in.

TheCSO and I liked the view and how you could look out the window into the water three or four feet below the floor of the restaurant, so we weren't inclined to complain. When everyone else at our table got up to complain to the maitre'd, we just sat there talking. The group of surly folks returned and said we were staying at this table, but they had gone ahead and ordered for us. I remember saying something about how ordering for us wasn't nice and got a sneer for my efforts.

The food had started to arrive when theCSO looked out the window and said "A sea turtle!" A large sea turtle was right in the water outside our window. Our companions are uninterested but theCSO and I run up to the windows.

"Let's get a picture!" I say.

We head outside the restaurant and stand next to the water, but the sea turtle has turned away a bit. He and I look at each other, smile, hold our cellphones up above our heads and jump down into the water, getting salt water on our nice clothes. We run around taking pictures of the turtle and each other and smiling and laughing.

And at some point I woke up.


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LinguistFriend said...

That restaurant is built too close to sea level. Don't invest in it.