Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Response to the responses on audiobooks.

Harry Potter 6 is available as an audiobook on Itunes, but was fifty bucks. For a book I had read, that just seemed like too much, so I went with Jess' suggestion The Graveyard Book and the lastest non-fiction science book by longtime CC girl crush Natalie Angier.

Tom Robbins is awesomesauce and I went through a phase in college where I read everything he had written. "Jitterbug perfume" was my favorite.

I don't know much Terry Pratchett, but "Good Omens" was pretty good.


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Anonymous said...

Tom Robbins was a fav of mine and yes, Jitterbug was my favorite. As for HP--we borrowed them from the library, so I never knew how expensive they are. Worth a listen, though.