Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Guh. Finals week.

My billable hours are behind, my conversation is grunting and my hair is reminiscent of that episode of Buffy where the evil bar owner turns her into a cavegirl.

Corporations bad. Sleep good. CC want gimlet*.

Anyway, Peacebang is writing actual interesting things, so maybe you should check out her blog
because the best I'm going to be able to do is a discussion of the final episode of Boston Legal, which gave the best example of fan service to my baser and stupider desires I've seen since that episode of Bones where there was that scene where David Boreanaz was in the bathtub. (Different base and stupid desire, but still...)

Mmmm... David Boreanaz in the bathtub good.


*What? I'm a sophisticated cavegirl.


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We are very sad about Boston Legal ending. Will we even hear about it if someone picks up the option for a spin-off? It was the only TV program I watch -- though lately we have also been watching Antiques Road Show, since we discovered when it's on.
why does TV kill all the best programs?