Wednesday, October 08, 2008

That (one) was fast

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who, snottiness-wise, was bothered more by the tone McCain took with Oliver than the "That one" bit, though I admit the "that one" bit makes a better soundbyte. Obama managed to actually answer Oliver's question and talk to him like he was a reasonable person, so score two for "That One."


Comrade Kevin said...

First he's called "The One" by the McCain campaign and how he's "That One".

Next will he be "Which One?"

PG said...

There's been an ongoing divergence of rhetoric between the Republicans and Democrats in this campaign. The Democrats fall all over themselves emphasizing how much McCain has done for his country; with the exception of Peggy Noonan, the Republicans regard Obama as almost beneath contempt.

PeaceBang said...

I watched the "that one" clip and reared my neck back like a velociraptor when McCain said it. Man, that was some seriuosly dripping contempt. Muuuuuy icky. I think I grimaced, too.