Sunday, October 05, 2008

I do get that this is a total long shot

I had somehow missed that Bouchercon, the world mystery writers' convention is happening forty miles away this year.

I'm planning to go. At this point, I am unsure whether I will be spending the night (hella expensive) or commuting ((hella inconvenient, particularly given that Margaret Maron (swoon) is speaking on a panel called "TOYS IN THE ATTIC: After guns, knives, poisons and blunt instruments, what?" at 8:30 Saturday morning)).

Is anybody going? It would be fun to have someone to hang out with there. It seems so big (like roughly the size of GA) that I'm slightly nervous about going entirely alone.

who also sees that assuming she misses no law school classes, she can only be there for half the con anyway so is also partially tempted to just give up and plan better to go to Indianapolis for next year's convention. She's pretty sure, after all, that Margaret Maron, Lori R. King and Laura Lippmann go every year.


Joel Monka said...

I can't go this year, but next year...

ogre said...

Seems like this post frames a possible mystery.

Who actually went with CC?

What toy in the attic was used by whom?

Was a class missed?

Is there a corpse?

Anonymous said...

Long shot indeed, but you might be able to talk FortiesGirl into going. After all, she's an author too.